Dilemma of Muslim Nation!!!

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Some thousand years back there was a faction of Muslims named “Mutazilites” which sparked a quest to scientific enquiry and logic among the mainstream Muslims. Many scientists were influenced from this ideology, though not all got converted for it. This was termed as the “Golden Period of Islam” in terms of scientific advancement. Mamun-ur-Rashid was a very big fan of Mutazila and is even thought to have adopted this ideology. This faction was  rejected by Mainstream Ulemas of that time which lead to subsequent events of blood shed and psychological warfare. At last some very intelligent of Mainstream Ulemas started “Dialogue” with Mutazilites and defeated them through their own “logic”.

Whatsoever the history is…That period is still remembered by Muslims as the period of “Enlightenment” and as an “exemplary” one.

Now, if you just turn the reel of history back to some 30 years, Dr Abdus Salam is seen to carry the “Mutazila” fate though this time he was a “Secular Qadyani” by ideology. Contemporary Muslims rejected him severely and disowned him harshly.

Printing press of Gutenberg had the same fate in the hands of Muslim Ulemas who termed it as an “Innovation” and thrown the so called “Muslim Civilization” in dark ages.

Whatever seemed “new” or “hard to understand” is always rejected by the Medieval Minds in every era of Man kind. Sometimes it got rejected at first place and sometimes it got honored to such an extent that Man started to “worship” it.

Muslim Nation is also stuck in such dilemmas or double standards of dark-ages.Conclusively, if Dr Abdus Salam is not a Great Muslim Scientist, then for sure, Muslims never encountered any “Golden Scientific Age” in any period.


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