Western Hegemony and World Peace


Ideology of a certain state or alliance of states is protected by “realpolitik” and vice versa. Nations always have some vested interests in the wake of which they wage war, strike economic deals, establish military blocs and even establish peace. West since the start of it’s “colonization” process in other countries in disguise of “trade” has plundered the natural and human resources of the states being “colonized”. Starting from Christopher Columbus where they vanished a whole race from the earth, just to amass the plundered resources till the Iraq war, west has wreaked havoc for it’s personal interests or for compensating the Economic depressions due to poorly conceived policies. No doubt western civilization’s contribution to science is immense, yet it doesn’t make her free of all the charges.

Just after the World Wars, world faced the first Economic depression and a series of events which lead to the formation of so-called “Treaty of Versailles”,”League of Nations”,Bretton Woods and so-called torchbearer of peace called “United Nations”. Wars slaughtered millions and Economic policies some other millions. Petrodollars further worsened the condition of Rest of the world and any one raising a voice against west was slain. It was America the so-called Peaceful Nation who bombed the entire cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It was Hitler who made concentration camps. It was the result of “Cold-War” between illegitimate heirs of World Order, who led to such instances that world is facing the woes of so-called “Islamic Terrorism” though nothing Islamic in it. Geo-political and economic stress in the “Rest” created by “West” is the cause of all the “terrorism” at first place.

But, rest of the world is equally responsible who relied on west for some “light” forgetting that light actually sets in the west.


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