Population Bloom ; Blame game!!!

Colonialism in every era of mankind had its impact in promulgation of certain ideologies and with them spread of certain ethnicities,languages,religions, classes,creeds or whatsoever you call an aggregation of people with similar identity consciuosness. One of the biggest events of colonialism happened during the European sprawl across the continents. From New World of America to the Australian continent. What fruits this colonialism bore? A uniform … Continue reading Population Bloom ; Blame game!!!

Scientific Quest by Affluents

(In the Image a Large Hadron Collider whose yearly cost is equivalent to the yearly GDP of Kenya) History unveils some bitter truths. The plunderer gets rich and have all the facilities to do good and evil. So, is the story of Scientific Quest.  War on other nations and making them slaves,brings a period of peace and economic stability which in turn entices a will … Continue reading Scientific Quest by Affluents

For the Love and Hate of Syria

A Beautiful Historical Country built around the administrative centre of Aleppo first and Damascus later, is burning just like its parallel Iraq with Baghdad as centre. The country divided by extremist Muslim factions, the advantage of which is taken by foreign powers just in fear of a certain Geographical theory that, ” Whosoever controls the Levant,will control the world”.  International Relation Theories aren’t meant to … Continue reading For the Love and Hate of Syria

Story of Being

Indviduality of an individual is always specific,time-bounded,egoistic and full of biased-ness. An Individual is always in a constant state of safeguarding his existence in this plastic world. There is a struggle to keep him fit for outerworld and his own inner world. Sometimes he tries so by participating and sometimes by excluding himself from his surrounding atmosphere and people. He has got some identities which … Continue reading Story of Being