Story of Being

Indviduality of an individual is always specific,time-bounded,egoistic and full of biased-ness. An Individual is always in a constant state of safeguarding his existence in this plastic world. There is a struggle to keep him fit for outerworld and his own inner world. Sometimes he tries so by participating and sometimes by excluding himself from his surrounding atmosphere and people. He has got some identities which makes him a different being,in this ever changing universe. He reaches to the apex of his energies to secure his identities just to save his individuality.

Sadly,he is not independant. He has got a panorama of endless desires,necessities and ground realities which he has to fulfil at any cost.

This story of being remains reverberating in the nooks of whole universe. A particle, a plant, an animal and the superior beings, all have their own story but the basic laws are all uniform. Story of being is harsh but may or may not be sad. Story of being murmurs both the emotions of love and hatred. Story of being is very long,very complex yet it always have the same title.Its climax echoes in the whole surrounding.Its safe to declare that each and every entity in this world shrieks her own, ‘Story of Being’ without which her “being-ness” is impossible.


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