For the Love and Hate of Syria

A Beautiful Historical Country built around the administrative centre of Aleppo first and Damascus later, is burning just like its parallel Iraq with Baghdad as centre. The country divided by extremist Muslim factions, the advantage of which is taken by foreign powers just in fear of a certain Geographical theory that, ” Whosoever controls the Levant,will control the world”. 

International Relation Theories aren’t meant to destroy the humanity. They are to neutralize the potential threats of bloody wars. Yet,we the modern beings after the 9/11 event have got unbridled murdrers, with more deepened ideologues and egoes.

Clash of Civilizations or survival by killing other nations? No sane person can conclude why the Russians,U.S,U.K,Turks have got so pious to save other countries and that by bombing them endlessly. Millions of innocent lives got exterminated in Afghanistan,Iraq,Palestine,Kashmir,Syria and Libya without any solid proves just in wake of implementing new world order. Muslims themselves haven’t helped much to save their own people and their own countries instead involved in causing more harm by increasing more tensions in the region. 

Not so Islamic state of Levant,the bloody marauders of true Islamic ideology are just a pack of psychopaths and losers with dead conscienceness.They are a bloody stain on the history of Islam and mankind. 

Beauty of Levant is snatched by the whole humanity just for the sake of their egoes,short-run benefits and lust of power. The blood will be on the hand of all the nations who are bombing and all those who are just silent and have done nothing but politics on the necks of innocent women and children of Syria.

Nature will never forgive us all.


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