Scientific Quest by Affluents

(In the Image a Large Hadron Collider whose yearly cost is equivalent to the yearly GDP of Kenya)

History unveils some bitter truths. The plunderer gets rich and have all the facilities to do good and evil. So, is the story of Scientific Quest.  War on other nations and making them slaves,brings a period of peace and economic stability which in turn entices a will in people to free their minds and to do quest of their desires,hopes and ambitions. Greeks did this way,Muslims did this way and finally West did the same way. Research demands affluence,peace,strong urge and a lot of free time. Its a healthy byproduct of all the atrocities you brought on other nations,people and factions by siezing their lands and properties and above all their freedom. Its not an attribute to boast about which developed nations do. How a Science student in Afghanistan will go ahead to invent when you have bombed his home? How a Jew student whose family had been choked to death in a concentration camp will come ahead to develop a new device? When you are in a constant phase of immigration from one country to another because no one is going to grant a basic right of having a piece of land to live in, how will you have a clearer mind to excel in research and studies? 

This is a universal dilemma that developed nations had only certain level of positive urge to work hard for their scientific quest and underdeveloped people are savage. The only difference is that one was a plunderer and other was the victim. Plunderer got good kids who created labs out of robbed money while the victim’s kids hadn’t enough money to buy bread even.


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