Population Bloom ; Blame game!!!

Colonialism in every era of mankind had its impact in promulgation of certain ideologies and with them spread of certain ethnicities,languages,religions, classes,creeds or whatsoever you call an aggregation of people with similar identity consciuosness. One of the biggest events of colonialism happened during the European sprawl across the continents. From New World of America to the Australian continent. What fruits this colonialism bore? A uniform distribution of European population across continents from the close confinement of small European continent with high population density per square meter. Fecundative Europeans spread across the globe to fill every corner. Yet,the blame of all “Liberal thinkers” comes on other nations like Conservative Christian,Jews,Muslims,Africans etc that they are barbarians not caring the population without considering how they themselves inhabited continents of continents and tricked the phenomenon of population density. Hypocrisy?


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